Gentle to the Environment

Relove's second hand services are created against waste by responding to customer-driven demand. We value close interaction with our customers, whose treasures make up Relove's high-quality second hand selection. Relove offers an experiential and effortless environment to participate in the recycling ecosystem. We curate our second hand selection in line with the season and trends to ensure that as many products as possible find new owners during the sales period.

The fashion industry globally burdens the environment as much as marine and air transport combined. However, by buying second hand fashion and recycling your own wardrobe, we can together build a greener world, one garment at a time. The circular economy provides new possibilities and purposes for things that deserve a second chance.

Our staff is always ready to help you with questions about garment care and recycling of non-saleable items. Every garment that arrives in Relove's selection will always find its way back into the rhythm of the circular economy if it doesn't find a new owner in our stores. The second hand mega-trend will define a completely new lifecycle for fashion, which will hopefully inspire all of us to embrace a more responsible wardrobe.

Our café packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, including Relove's own fabric and reusable bags, as well as shopping bags in which we pack customers' second hand finds at the cashier. However, we always recommend bringing your own reusable bag to easily carry your lovely finds.  

Social Responsibility

Caring for our employees and continuously developing their skills is a priority at Relove. Whether it's a delicious pizza Friday for the entire staff, choosing the employee of the month, or regular team meetings where we collectively improve our operations and share ideas and inspiration. The richness of our staff's diverse strengths creates new positions in our company every year, helping us guide our employees to tasks that align with their own interests, values and hobbies. We hope to further increase the diversity of our team in the future. The warm team spirit at Relove is the heart that cannot go unnoticed when visiting our stores. One of Relove's values, "Gentleness," is inspired by the Relove staff!

We communicate on social media channels by gently raising awareness of the importance of fashion circularity and the global impacts of the fashion industry. Through our visual strength, we aim to inspire our followers by sharing thoughts and photos from "Relove's World." Value-based storytelling is emphasized in Relove's own blog. Changing our own lifestyles to be more responsible can be achieved through small steps, and soon they become everyday practices. We want to make responsibility effortless!

Partners based on Values

We collaborate with the Finnish Red Cross, whose services allow our customers to leave items in our stores that they don't want back after the sales period. We recycle all excess furnishings from our stores through the Finnish Red Cross Kontti.

Through Relove's pickup service, it's easy for you to have your products picked up directly from your doorstep in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Tampere. We collaborate with the Finnish transportation company A2B, which operates climate-friendly and emission-free throughout Finland.

In our café, we bake ourselves and prefer organic and local producers.

Responsible Steps Towards the Future

In the coming years, we aim to make our business completely plastic-free and 100% powered by green electricity. We aim to minimize the use of paper by transitioning functions as much as possible to digital formats. In store design, we strive to utilize existing resources and create Relove's unique atmosphere with beautiful recycled finds. Naturally, our most important mission is to grow the power of fashion circularity, both locally and globally. At Relove, we regularly make donations to domestic and global crisis situations, and we hope everyone will participate in good deeds through small actions and words. Responsible choices are not yet the most affordable or easiest option, but we want to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to a more responsible business.