Second hand & Sales services

How can I reserve a sales period?

Get to know our sales services here, and book your own sales period easily via our online booking calendar.

Can the stores' products be reserved?

Products cannot be reserved. The stores' second hand gems presented on Instagram cannot be reserved either.

Can I share a rack with my friend?

The All Inclusive sales service is always personal. Our appraisers price the products manually, which is why only the product's barcode and selling price appear in the final report; therefore, sold products cannot be broken down in the final report by product names or owner.

How can I track sales per product?

During the All Inclusive sales period, our pricers price the products manually, which is why only the product's product number and selling price appear in the sales tracking and final report; therefore, the sold products cannot be broken down by product name.

During the Do It Yourself sales period, you can price the products on your own price sheets in the Kirppari-Kalle system, which makes it possible to track product-specific sales.

What if I want to cancel my sales period?

All sales place reservations are always binding, and the sales period cannot be cancelled. Please note that if you do not use your sales period, we will still charge the space rental for the sales rack, which we will not refund in case of cancellation.

What kind of products can I bring to Relove for sale?

Our selection focuses on high-quality women's, men's and unisex clothes & accessories. The products brought in for the sales period must be in accordance with the season (spring/summer – autumn/winter) and current trends. Our stores sell very quickly, e.g. the following brands: COS, & Other Stories, Arket, Marimekko, Vimma, Minna Parikka, Ganni, Second Female, New Balance & Adidas - however, you can also bring us vintage treasures, luxury brands and other look-a-like brands.

Can I bring men's clothing for sale to Relove?

You can definitely bring us men's clothes too - to all our stores! Trendy streetwear brands and unisex models sell best at Relove. Collared shirts, suits and party shoes should not be brought to our selections, because they sell poorly.

What kind of products / brands are not sold at Relove?

Our stores do not sell the following products/brands according to old times/old trends, so we do not recommend bringing these products into our selection: women's suits, party dresses, wedding dresses, fur coats, tricot t-shirts and tops, women's and men's party shoes and men's suits and collared shirts.

We also do not favor products from ultra-fast fashion chains (Shein, Boohoo, Forever21 & Pretty Little Thing) in our selections.

Low selling brands: Desigual, Guess, Bik Bok, Cubus, Ril's, Gerry Weber, Gabor, Esprit, Your Face, InWear, Masai, Esmara, Liu Jo, Jackpot & S. Oliver.

Can I sell children's clothes, cosmetics or interior design products?

Relove's selection consists of women's and men's clothing and accessories, so we do not sell the above-mentioned products in our stores.

What is Kirppari-Kalle?

Kirppari-Kallen is the appointment booking and sales tracking system used by Relove. You can find Kirppari-Kalle's credentials in your e-mail (check your spam folder as well), which you can use to log in to your own customer account. In your own customer account, you can find your past and future reservations, as well as your current sales balance. Please contact our customer service if you cannot find the credentials in your email.

How do I bring my product to the All Inclusive sales period?

You can bring your sales products directly to the Relove store where your sales period takes place. Delivering the items is easy:

1. Deliver your sales products yourself 3-7 days before the start of the sales period directly to the Relove store where your sales period is about to start. Please bring the items during the weekdays.

2. Order a climate-friendly pickup service from our customer service, and we'll pick up your product directly from your doorstep (info@relove.fi).

How do I bring my product to the Do It Yourself sale period?

You can bring your products to your point of sale according to the opening hours of our stores, either the day before during the last opening hours, or on the day your sales period begins. At Töölö & Freda you can display your products on weekdays from 17:00 to 19:00, Sat 17:00 to 18:00 & Sun 16:00 to 17:00. Please note that you cannot stay in our store after closing. The sales counter must be empty by 5 pm on the last day of the sale and by 4 pm on Sundays.

Can I sell individual products?

For the Lux sale period, you can bring 1–10 more valuable high-end or designer accessories and clothing items.

Do I have to wash or iron the clothes brought to the sale period?

All products sold in our stores must be washed, clean and intact. The All Inclusive sales service includes steaming the products, so you don't have to worry about creasing your clothes when packing the products.


Can I make a table reservation at your cafe?

You can make an online table reservation for each of our cafes directly here.

Can I take the cafe's products with me or order them home?

Yes you can! You can get everything from us in recycled take away containers, and you can easily order Relove treats to your home or workplace via Wolt.

Are there vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free products in your selection?

Yes, there is. On the cafe's menu, you can find both sweet and savory breakfast sets and lunch, as well as smaller snacks and delicacies. Please ask the cafeteria staff for more information about allergens.

Can I get lunch from Relove?

In all our stores, we offer lunch portions that change weekly on weekdays throughout the day, and the entire menu selection, including the All Day Breakfast sets, can be ordered from morning to evening. Please note that our kitchen closes one hour before the shop closes. Check out the selection of cafes here.

Do you have decaffeinated hot drinks?

Our selection includes decaffeinated coffee and various types of tea.

Can I visit your stores with a dog?

Absolutely! Dogs are star guests at Relove stores. Please ask our staff for a cup of water for your fur paw whenever necessary.