Noora's inspiration for the beauty of recycling culture and the joy of discovery comes from Soini, her hometown in South Ostrobothnia, Finland. Even as a child, Noora dreamed of having her own brick-and-mortar store, and her entrepreneurial family always encouraged her dreams.

In 2014, the idea for Relove was born - a holistic experience for all senses. From Relove's second hand section you can make quality finds, from the latest trend items to stunning vintage creations. Sit by the café window, sipping coffee, and enjoying soft jazz rhythms while observing the bustle of the city.

Currently, you can find the beautiful synergy of Relove's second hand store and café in various locations: in Helsinki, at the corner of Töölöntori, in the heart of Punavuori at Freda, at the Helsinki and Tampere Stockmann department stores, and at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Relove's professional staff are always ready to share their second hand tips of the day, and recommend their favorite treats from the café's selection.

Warmly welcome!

The Relove Team

"Relove is, above all, an environment where everyone is welcome to be inspired. We value slow fashion and take the time to pause and appreciate the moment."

- Noora Hautakangas, Founder of Relove