Lux Sales Terms

Sales Terms

The Designers sales service focuses on trendy and high-quality high-end and premium brands. Currently, the best-selling brands include: Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Celine, Chanel, Chloé, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada.

With our Lux sales period, you can sell:

  • High-quality and well-maintained clothing and accessories from luxury and designer fashion brands.

With the Lux sales period, you can't sell:

  • Poor-condition or faulty accessories and clothing.
  • Unbranded products. 
  • Replica products; please note that our staff may require authenticity proof as a sales condition.

Relove Oy reserves the right not to put unsuitable products up for sale if they do not meet our quality criteria. So please bring us only the best pieces from your wardrobe. If the brought items do not meet our quality standards, Relove Oy reserves the right to cancel the sales period.

Please note that:

• The duration of the sales period is at least 28 days, but Relove has the right to extend the sales for up to two (2) months to promote sales.

• The price and commission for the sales period are determined according to the current price list.

• When you bring the products for sale, Relove Oy has the right to sell the products throughout the sales period, and you cannot withdraw the products from sale during the sales period. If a customer wants to terminate the sales period, a fee of 100€ will be charged for the work done.

• It is your responsibility to update your current contact information (home address, phone number, email address) and account details in Kirppari-Kalle.

• Sales days are counted as the store's opening days, and any closing days do not shorten the sales period.

• Lux sales products are delivered directly to the store and the reservation of the sales service is made together with Relove's staff.

• An identification document must be presented during the delivery, pickup, and settlement, and the settlement is made upon product pickup or at the end of the sales period upon your request.

• The accumulated sales after the end of the sales period will be settled to your specified bank account, and the settled amount will be visible within seven business days. Unsettled earnings older than two months are transferred to Relove Oy.

• You can check the sales days and balance from your customer account in Kirppari-Kalle. The login credentials for the system will be sent to your provided email. If you already have login credentials, please inform the staff.

• Relove Oy's staff will notify you when the unsold product(s) are available for pickup, and the product(s) must be picked up within one week of the notification. Upon request, Relove Oy may also donate the products to charity.

• If the product(s) are not picked up within seven (7) days despite reminders, they will become the property of Relove Oy.

• The entire store is under camera surveillance and has alarm systems. Relove Oy is not responsible for stolen or lost products. Relove Oy's staff does their best to prevent theft incidents.

• Relove Oy is not responsible for damages or the destruction of products in case of fire, water damage, vandalism, burglary, or other causes beyond the company's control.

By reserving a sales period, the seller agrees to comply with Relove Oy's sales terms. Relove reserves all rights to make changes. (Sales terms updated on Februery 8th, 2024)