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Sales Terms

Our selection focuses on trendy and high-quality high-end, premium, and chain brands.

Currently, our best-selling brands include: Acne Studios, Arela, Arket, COS, Filippa K., Toteme, Ganni, Zara, Marimekko, Minna Parikka, & Other Stories, Samsoe Samsoe, Samuji, Second Female, Vimma & Weekday.

However, you can also bring other desired brands that are in line with current trends for your sales period. Don't hesitate to ask our staff for consultation regarding your products.

At Relove, you can sell:

  • Seasonal items.
  • Women's and/or men's products in line with current trends.
  • Intact, lint-free, and in good condition items.
  • Clean and stain-free items.
  • Max. 5 pairs of shoes at a time.
  • High-quality vintage fur coats and fur products, as well as ethically produced leather and fur products made from surplus materials in the leather or food industries. We do not include ethically questionable newly produced fur items in our selection. Before offering a product for sale, we require an origin certificate or documentation to ensure ethical sourcing practices. We do not endorse the production or purchase of newly produced fur items with unethical practices.

Relove does not sell:

  • Broken, linty, or otherwise poor condition items.
  •  Items directly from storage; please always wash your items before putting them up for sale.
  • Items with stains or marks; we recommend checking especially for underarm and neck area discoloration.
  • Too many items to avoid overcrowding the racks; an overcrowded rack is a safety risk.
  • Cosmetics, home decor items, children's clothing, underwear.
  • Replica products; please note that our staff may require authenticity proof for more valuable items.
  • Men's formal suits, women's prom or wedding dresses.
  • Decorative items.
  • Products from ultra-fast fashion brands (e.g., Shein).

Relove Oy reserves the right to remove unsuitable items from display that do not meet our quality criteria and cause overcrowding. So please bring us only the best pieces from your wardrobe.

Please note that:

• The reservation of a sales period is binding, and the paid reservation fee for the sales period is non-refundable.

• The duration of the sales period is 7 or 14 days, and the price and commission for the sales period are determined according to the current price list.

• It is your responsibility to update your current contact information (home address, phone number, email address) and account details in Kirppari-Kalle.

• You can do pricing either manually or in the Kirppari-Kalle system. You can pick up the price tags during our store's opening hours. Please note that only items priced in the Kirppari-Kalle system will appear in the sales report with their product names, while manually priced tags will appear in the sales report as anonymous items. Price tags should be attached to the items at home. Pricing in the café area and other parts of the store is prohibited.

• Items without price tags cannot be sold. Price tags should be attached to the items using, for example, safety pins—simply sticking the tag is not sufficient. If desired, you can purchase safety pins at the cash register. Two sheets of price tags are included in the sales period fee. We do not accept manually altered prices at the cash register, so the entire price tag must be replaced.

• You can display your items on your designated sales area starting from the opening day before the sales period, 2 hours before on weekdays and Saturdays, and 1 hour before closing time on Sundays.

• The rack must be empty on the last sales day, no later than 2 hours before closing time on weekdays and Saturdays, and 1 hour before closing time on Sundays. A late-emptying fee of 40€ will be charged for racks emptied after the specified time.

• Occasionally, items may get mixed up with other sellers' areas, but the items are still available for sale. Your designated sales area may also have items from other sellers from time to time. However, please do not relocate your items to other areas besides your own designated sales area. Relove Oy's staff will do their best to return misplaced items to their rightful places.

• The sales area must be paid for at the time of reservation, and the reservation is binding. If you are unable to use your sales period, the rental fee will not be refunded, and the unused rental fee for the sales area remains your responsibility.

• When picking up your unsold items and making the settlement, please be prepared to present an identification document. The settlement will appear in your bank account within seven business days from the settlement date. All settlements are made to a bank account, and we do not provide cash settlements. The sales report can be found in your Kirppari-Kalle account.

• Sales can accumulate in Kirppari-Kalle's customer account even after the sales period has ended, provided that there are items left for sale in the store after the collection and settlement of the items. It is the customer's responsibility to check their customer account to see if there is any post-sale income and to promptly contact the store where the sales period took place. The funds will remain in the customer's Kirppari-Kalle customer account for 12 months, after which they will transfer ownership to Relove Oy.

• Sold items cannot be exchanged or returned. Relove Oy is not responsible for defective or incomplete items. However, it is your obligation to report any defects or deficiencies in the price tag.

• If your items are found in our store after the sales period has ended, we will keep them on the "Ended Sales Periods / Items without Price Tags" rack for one week, after which unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

• The sales days are counted as the store's opening days, and any closure days do not shorten your sales period.

• Relove Oy is not responsible for stolen or lost items. We strongly recommend using alarms for the most valuable items. If desired, you can rent alarms at the cash register. The entire premises of Relove have surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Relove Oy's staff does their best to prevent theft cases.

• Relove Oy is not liable for the destruction of items in case of fire, water damage, vandalism, burglary, or other causes beyond the company's control.

• The staff of Relove Oy has full rights to tidy and organize the sales area during the sales period. To promote sales, Relove Oy's staff has the right to place items on windows or tabletops. The company may also promote the sale of items on Relove Oy's social media.

By reserving a sales area, the seller agrees to comply with Relove Oy's sales terms. Relove reserves all rights to make changes. (Sales terms updated on April 27, 2023)