All Inclusive Sales Terms

Our selection focuses on trendy and high-quality high-end, premium, and chain brands. Currently, our best-selling brands include: Arket, Acne Studios, Andiata, Adidas, COS, Djerf Avenue, Gauhar, Ganni, halo from north, Samsoe & Samsoe, Second Female, Stine Goya, Marimekko, Minna Parikka, New Balance, Toteme, Uhana, Vimma, & Other Stories. You can also bring us luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, vintage treasures, and other look-alike brands. Don't hesitate to ask our staff for consultation regarding your products.

At Relove, you can sell:

  • Items suitable for the current season and trends!
  • Women's and/or men's products
  • Intact, lint-free, and in good condition items
  • Clean and stain-free items
  • For a 7-day sales period, we recommend bringing 1-3 large reusable bags of clothes/accessories, and for a 14-day sales period, 4-5 large reusable bags of clothes/accessories.
  • High-quality vintage fur coats and fur products, as well as ethically produced leather and fur products made from surplus materials in the leather or food industries. We do not include ethically questionable newly produced fur items in our selection. Before offering a product for sale, we require an origin certificate or documentation to ensure ethical sourcing practices. We do not endorse the production or purchase of newly produced fur items with unethical practices.

*Products include clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, and other accessories.

Relove does not sell:

    • Products with no demand.
    • Broken, linty, or otherwise poor condition items.
    • Items directly from storage; please always wash your items before putting them up for sale.
    • Items with stains or marks; we recommend checking especially for underarm and neck area discoloration.
    • Items with a strong odor.
    • Cosmetics, home decor items, children's clothing, underwear.
    • Replica products; please note that our staff may require authenticity proof for more valuable items.
    • Men's formal suits, women's prom or wedding dresses.
    • Products from ultra-fast fashion brands (e.g., Shein).
    • Relove Oy reserves the right not to put items that violate the sales terms up for sale and to price only the items that our expert team sees a demand for.

    Please note:

    • The reservation of a sales period is binding, and the paid reservation fee for the sales period is non-refundable. If you made a reservation by email, you have a 14-day right of cancellation for services purchased through distance selling according to Finnish law. Reservations made through the online booking calendar cannot be canceled.

    • The sales period is a minimum of 7 or 14 days, but Relove Oy may continue the sales for a longer period. The sales period lasts a maximum of two (2) months.

    • The timing of the sales period is preliminary, and the sales period starts immediately after the delivery of the items, as soon as possible.

    • Relove Oy has the right to change the timing of the sales period. The transfer of the sales period does not incur additional costs for the customer.

    • Relove Oy has the right to transfer the sales period to another Relove store. The transfer of the sales period to another store does not incur additional costs for the customer.

    • The customer does not have a personal sales space; instead, the items are displayed according to visual merchandising to promote sales. Sales are recorded based on the personal customer number.

    • The staff of Relove Oy has full rights to place items in addition to the showcase, such as windows or tabletops. The items may be for sale at any sales location in Relove Oy's physical store and/or online store ( and on Relove Oy's social media.

    • Not all items brought by the customer may be put up for sale simultaneously. Relove's staff will equally supplement all customers' items during the sales period. All items that our staff sees sales potential in will be priced and put up for sale.

    • The price and commission of the sales period are determined according to the current price list. In addition, we charge a processing fee per item according to the price list.

    • When the customer brings the items to Relove for sale, Relove Oy has the right to sell the items throughout the sales period, and a handling fee of one hundred euros (€100) will be charged for items retrieved during the sales period.

    • It is the customer's responsibility to update their current contact information (home address, phone number, email address) and account details in Kirppari-Kalle.

    • The sales days are counted as the store's opening days, and any closure days do not shorten the sales period.

    • When reserving the All Inclusive sales period, the customer grants Relove Oy's staff full rights to price the items and determine discounts during the sales period.

    • If the customer has pricing requests for the items, these must be communicated via email to before delivering the items to Relove Oy.

    • The pricing of the All Inclusive sales period is done manually, so the sales and prices of individual items cannot be tracked.

    • Relove Oy is not responsible for stolen or lost items. The entire premises of Relove have surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Relove Oy's staff does their best to prevent theft cases.

    • The staff of Relove Oy will send a notification when the sales period has ended and the unsold items are available for pick-up. The items must be collected within one week of the notification. Upon the customer's request, Relove Oy may also donate the items to charity.

    • An identification document must be presented during the pick-up/settlement of the items, and the settlement is made during the item pick-up or at the end of the sales period if the unsold items are donated to charity upon the customer's request. Unsettled earnings older than two months are transferred to Relove Oy.

    • Sales can accumulate in Kirppari-Kalle's customer account even after the sales period has ended, provided that there are items left for sale in the store after the collection and settlement of the items. It is the customer's responsibility to check their customer account to see if there is any post-sale income and to promptly contact the store where the sales period took place. The funds will remain in the customer's Kirppari-Kalle customer account for 12 months, after which they will transfer ownership to Relove Oy.

      • If the items are not collected within seven (7) days despite the reminder, they will become the property of Relove Oy or be donated to charity.

      • Relove Oy is not liable for delays, damages, or the destruction of items in case of fire, water damage, vandalism, burglary, or other causes beyond the company's control, such as transportation disruptions, labor disputes, or staff illness.

      By reserving a sales period, the seller agrees to comply with Relove Oy's current sales terms. Relove reserves all rights to make changes. (Sales terms updated on May 25, 2023)