Do It Yourself (DIY) sales period allows you to price and display the items yourself. You can independently fill the rack during the sales period, and after the sales period ends, you simply just need to empty the rack on time.

Our store selection focuses on trendy and high-quality high-end, premium, and chain brands. Currently, our best-selling fashion brands include Acne Studios, Arela, Arket, COS, Filippa K., Toteme, Ganni, Marimekko, Minna Parikka, & Other Stories, Samsoe & Samsoe, Samuji, Second Female, Vimma & Weekday. You can also bring other brands that fit the current trends and seasons for your sales period. Do not hesitate to ask our staff for consultation regarding your products!

At Relove, you can sell:

  • Seasonal products*.
  • Women's and men's products according to the current trends.
  • Intact, lint-free, and in good condition items.
  • Clean and stain-free items.
  • Max. 5 pairs of shoes. 
  • High-quality vintage fur coats and fur products, as well as ethically produced leather and fur products made from surplus materials in the leather or food industries. We do not include ethically questionable newly produced fur items in our selection. Before offering a product for sale, we require an origin certificate or documentation to ensure ethical sourcing practices. We do not endorse the production or purchase of newly produced fur items with unethical practices.

*Products, meaning clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, and other accessories.

At Relove, we do not sell:

  • Damaged, linty, or otherwise in poor condition items.
  • Items straight from storage; please wash your items before putting them up for sale.
  • Items with stains or marks; we recommend checking especially for underarm and neckline discolorations.
  • Cosmetics, home decor items, children's clothing, or underwear.
  • Replica products; note that our staff may require authentication for more valuable items as a condition of sale.
  • Men's formal wear or prom or wedding dresses.
  • Ultra-fast fashion brand products (e.g., Shein).

Relove Oy reserves the right to remove from display items that are not suitable for sale and do not meet our quality criteria. This also applies to overfilling the racks. So, please only bring us the best pieces from your wardrobe.

Before the sales period begins:

  • Please make the payment for the sales period within 24 hours of booking. Unpaid bookings will be canceled. You can pay for the sales period in Kirppari-Kalle's web version under "My reservations."
  • Please add your bank account number and up-to-date contact information (email and phone number) in Kirppari-Kalle's system. We will contact you about the start and end of the sales period. The payment will be transferred to your designated bank account after the sales period ends.
  • Please price and select the suitable products for the sales period at your home - this way, you won't bring unsuitable items unnecessarily. The products should be clean, stain-free, intact, lint-free, and suitable for the current season and trends.
  • You can do the pricing either by hand with a pen on the price tags printed from Kirppari-Kalle's system or through Kirppari-Kalle online system. You can pick up price tags from any Relove store. Please note that only items priced through Kirppari-Kalle's system will appear in the sales report with their product names, while items with handwritten price tags will appear in the sales report as anonymous items. Two sticker sheets are included in the sales period price, and you can purchase additional sticker sheets for an extra charge.
  • Please attach the price tags to the items at home. The price tags should be attached to the items with safety pins - just sticking the tags on is not sufficient. If you wish, you can get safety pins from any Relove store. Pricing in the café and store area is prohibited.

Start of the sales period:

  • You can display your items at your sales spot on the opening day before the sales period starts, on weekdays from Monday to Saturday 2 hours before the store closing time, and on Sundays 1 hour before the store closing time.
  • The sales spot has reserved clothing hangers, and you can rent alarms from the cashier if you wish. We recommend alarms especially for more valuable items. Please do not bring your own clothing hangers or other decorations to your sales spot. The sales spot can accommodate about 40 pieces of clothing and 5 pairs of shoes at once. When filling your sales spot, please make sure not to overcrowd it. If the rack is too full, some items may be removed by the staff. An easily browsable rack attracts customers to make discoveries!

During the sales period:

  • During the sales period, you can track your sales through the online system and refill your sales spot with new items based on your sales!

After the sales period:

  • Empty your sales spot on the last day of the sales period from Monday to Saturday 2 hours before the store closing time and on Sundays 1 hour before the store closing time. If the rack is emptied late, a late fee of €40 will be charged.
  • We will make the payment at the cashier when your sales spot is emptied. We will make the payment to the bank account you have registered in Kirppari-Kalle against a photo ID. We do not make cash payments.

Thank you for recycling with us!