During your All Inclusive sales period, we'll take care of everything for you! We'll price, steam, display your products, and pack them for you to pick up after the sales period. All you need to do is deliver the items to us or book our emission-free home pick-up service!

Our store selection focuses on trendy and high-quality high-end, premium, and chain brands. Currently, our best-selling brands include Arket, Acne Studios, Andiata, Adidas, COS, Djerf Avenue, Gauhar, Ganni, Halo from North, Samsoe & Samsoe, Second Female, Stine Goya, Marimekko, Minna Parikka, New Balance, Toteme, Uhana, Vimma, Zara, and & Other Stories. You can also bring us luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other look-a-like brands. Don't hesitate to ask our staff for consultation regarding your products.

At Relove, you can sell:

  • Items suitable for the current season and trends.
  • Women's and men's products.
  • Intact, lint-free, high-quality, and in good condition items.
  • Clean and stain-free items.
  • High-quality vintage fur coats and fur products, as well as ethically produced leather and fur products made from surplus materials in the leather or food industries. We do not include ethically questionable newly produced fur items in our selection. Before offering a product for sale, we require an origin certificate or documentation to ensure ethical sourcing practices. We do not endorse the production or purchase of newly produced fur items with unethical practices.

We only put on sale clothes and accessories that comply with our sales terms. Please bring us only clean and intact products that align with the season and trends.

For a 7-day sales period, you can bring approximately 1-3 large reusable bags of clothes/accessories, and for a 14-day sales period, around 4-5 large reusable bags of clothes/accessories. However, please note that only items complying with our sales terms will be accepted, so please select accordingly.

We price shoes for display in quantities of 1-5 pairs. You may bring a moderate amount of jewelry and other accessories.

*Products, meaning clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, and other accessories.

We do not accept:

  • Products with no demand.
  • Damaged, linty, or otherwise in poor condition items.
  • Products straight from storage; please wash your items before bringing them to us.
  • Products with stains or marks; we recommend checking for armpit and neck area discoloration.
  • Products with a strong odor.
  • Cosmetics, home decor items, children's clothing, or underwear.
  • Replica products; note that our staff may require authentication for more valuable items as a condition of sale.
  • Men's formal wear, women's prom or wedding dresses.
  • Ultra-fast fashion brand products (e.g., Shein).

Relove Oy reserves the right to price products considering demand, brand, material, and season. We do not put products on sale that violate our terms, and we price only those products that our expert team sees demand for.

Before delivering the items:

  • Please make the payment for the sales period within 24 hours of booking. Unpaid bookings will be canceled. You can pay for the sales period in Kirppari-Kalle's web version under "My reservations." If you want to pay with a gift card, our staff will make the reservation for you in-store. Gift cards can only be used for payment in Relove stores.
  • Please add your bank account number and up-to-date contact information (email and phone number) in Kirppari-Kalle's system. We will contact you about the start and end of the sales period. The payment will be transferred to your designated bank account after the sales period ends.
  • Select the suitable products for the sales period at your home - this way, you won't bring unsuitable items unnecessarily. The products should be clean, stain-free, lint-free, intact, and suitable for the current season and trends.
  • Please wash the items before bringing them to the sales period. If the items are unused and still have tags attached, they don't need to be washed or have their original price tags removed. Items that cannot be machine-washed don't need to be washed, airing them out will be sufficient.
  • Pack the items in durable bags, and attach a label with your name, the sales service, the sales point, and the total number of bags (First name Last name, All Inclusive, Töölö, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3). We will recycle the durable bags for you, so please note that your items may be packed for pickup in different bags than the ones you brought. We will steam the items before putting them up for sale, so you don't have to worry about wrinkles.
  • Let us know before delivering the items if you want to donate the unsold items to charity through us. In that case, we will make the payment to you remotely.
  • Delivery of the items:
  • You can bring the items to the Relove store where your sales period is starting. We accept items 3-10 weekdays before the start of your sales period. You can bring the items on weekdays between 10 am and 6 pm. We don't accept items on weekends.
  • If you booked a sales period in Tampere and want to deliver the items to Helsinki, you can take the items to the Relove store in Stockmann, Helsinki. In this case, the items should be delivered two weeks before the start of your sales period.
  • If you booked a sales period in Relove Airport, you can deliver the items to the Relove store in Stockmann, Helsinki. In this case, the items should be delivered no later than two weeks before the start of your sales period.
  • We cannot guarantee the delivery of late items in time for the sales period. Please inform us if the delivery of your items is delayed.
  • Please deliver all the items you want to sell at once. We do not accept additional items during the sales period. If you have more items to sell, you can book a new sales period through the online reservation calendar.
  • If you upgraded to the All Inclusive Plus sales service, you are entitled to an eco-friendly home pickup service. The pickup service operates on weekdays in the capital area between 8 am and 9 pm (Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, and Vantaa, excluding Suomenlinna) and in Tampere between 8 am and 4 pm. You need to select a three-hour time window when you will be at home to hand over the bags to the courier. You can order the pickup service by emailing us at info@relove.fi with the subject "Home Pickup Service," including the date, time, and address, as well as your full name. If you wish to cancel the pickup service, please notify us by phone at least 24 hours before the pickup. You can order the pickup right away, and the pickup can take place 3-7 days before the start of your sales period.

Start of the sales period:

  • You will receive an email notification when your items are put up for sale, and your sales period begins. Please keep an eye on your email, including your spam folder.
  • You can track your sales in real-time through the online reservation system. Since pricing is done manually, it is not possible to track sales per individual item.

After the sales period:

  • You will receive an notification when your sales period ends, and you can pick up the unsold items and come to Relove store where your sales period took place to receive the payment. So, please wait for our contact and keep an eye on your email, including your spam folder.
  • We will contact you within two (2) months from the start of your sales period. Extending the sales period by Relove does not incur additional costs for you.
  • Unsold items must be picked up within seven (7) days of our contact. Items left unclaimed will become the property of Relove. You can pick up the items from the Relove store where your sales period took place on weekdays between 10 am and 6 pm.