Because recycling is beautiful!

The self-pricing sales spots for the year 2023 are sold out. Due to high demand for our All Inclusive reservations, we have added full-service All Inclusive sales racks to our Töölö and Freda stores in Helsinki. At Stockmann in Helsinki and Tampere, as well as at the airport, all sales racks are reserved for All Inclusive customers.

We will announce on our website and social media channels if we open Do It Yourself sales spots for the year 2024.


    Do It Yourself

    Recycle alone or with a friend!

    Price your items yourself and bring them to us for sale! During the self-pricing sales period, it is your responsibility to fill the rack during the sales period and empty it at the end of the sales period. Our staff will take care of maintaining the tidiness of your sales rack daily. You can also share a sales spot with a friend – ask our staff for more tips!


    7 days: 74€

    14 days: 148€

    We pay you 80% of the total sales.

    Read the sales terms here